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Hi Mychael,

I know your time is short so I created this page for you which contains a curated and diverse playlist with some of the music that I have composed.


I have also included some materials regarding my project The Amazonic, as well as the upcoming series from Costa Rica, where I recorded the shells we discussed.

I hope you enjoy this selection and I would love to collaborate with you!

The Amazonic.JPG

The Amazonic Project

This is the trailer I released last year for the aforementioned project, The Amazonic.

For this library, I catalogued and recorded 100+ instruments and released them as a sample library. Thirty percent of the proceeds go back to the indigenous community in the form of donations.

There's a second library with 70+ instruments due out next year, which is in production right now.

Costa Rica Project

This is some of the unreleased and raw footage that I edited for you, to show a sample of what I recorded there.

In total I recorded 70+ instruments with approximately 10 of them being shells. What a coincidence to find someone else to be working with this kind of natural instrument.

Since we both have the love and passion for music and native instruments, I would love to collaborate sometime soon!


Antonio Teoli

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