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#gamemusichelps extra note!

Hey guys!

Just a quick note about that campaign #gamemusichelps cause I received a lot of messages about very exciting people wanting to participate, people from press and even some others claiming that idea etc.

Just to clarify some points:

1) I'm NOT doing this to auto promote myself, I'm doing this because I want to give back what the Universe provides to me, which I am very grateful. I'm doing this because I feel good helping the ones in need and at the same time we are gonna be able to show to the world that music for games is way more than "just music";

2) This initiative is to bring a lot of composers around the world together on this so EVERYONE can participate the way they want. I'm going to give away 10% of my earnings provided by Teoli Soundworks, but again, this is ME doing this and picking up that percentage. Help the way you feel more comfortable;

3) If you are already doing something like that, please let me know cause there is no need to create another system from scratch. However, as far as I know, at least in Brazil, there is nothing like that AND if it does, well... That's also good for the community. This is not a competition, it's a support and help to the world;

4) If you wanna participate, just take a picture with the goodies and the place/people you helped holding a paper/picture or anything that connects the game that provided you the payment with them. Post on social media using the #gamemusichelps 

5) Be happy, be authentic, be yourself! The world is already messed up enough with lots of BS from us, humans ❤

Happy New Year and much love to y'all 😉

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