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After BIG Festival and Gerard Marino Concert

Hey everyone,

It's been a while since I posted here last time. I've been extremely fortunate to be so busy over the last weeks that I wasn't able to send a news to my beloved Webmaster.

So, GAME AUDIO SCHOOL is finally released and it is a massive success. We have dozens of students registered in our courses and we are at full speed to finish the recording and editing for this courses.

The release was made at BIG Festival 2017 that took place in São Paulo last week. It was a massive event with 70 international speakers and both of them, Gerard Marino and Shota Nakama, I was lucky enough to be their host. Shota even spent 5 days in my house in Manaus so I had to take him to visit the natives and sail over crocodiles. Just a regular day :)

Over the last 10 days I had a blast spending day and night alongside Gerard Marino and Shota Nakama, giving speeches at BIG Festival, panels, playing together, having lunch and dinner together, parties and receiving a LOT of knowledge from them, meeting a couple of fans and so on.

Thank you for all the support you have give me. That's all it matters in the end.

Also, soon, I will be announcing some news and also publishing fresh music from my new games.

See you around!

Love, Teoli!



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