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Dicefolk Announced

The game Dicefolk, a beautiful game composed by Antonio Teoli and Jether Garotti Junior is announced.

Press Release

"In an ancient world with a forgotten history, humans live in isolated clans, away from the threat of the creatures called Chimera that roam across the land.

You are Alea, a member of one such clan, known as: Dicefolk. As a Dicefolk, you can use dice-shaped artifacts to command a team of wild Chimera to restore peace and harmony to this realm. Each Chimera is different,, and you'll need to think strategically when building your team.

Discover rare artifacts, mix and match your Chimera, and uncover answers to the many mysteries encountered on your journey!

Dicefolk is a new, upcoming PC deck-building roguelike game developed by Tiny Ghoul and Leap, and published by Good Shepherd Entertainment."


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