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Walking Dead for The Sandbox released

Antonio Teoli had the honor to compose music for the universe of Walking Dead for The Sandbox.

The music had to be approved not only by the team of The Sandbox but also by Skybound itself.

To know more about, read Skybound's announcement below!


THE WALKING DEAD is coming to the metaverse… The Sandbox is partnering with Skybound Entertainment to bring an authentic, true-to-universe THE WALKING DEAD experience to The Sandbox’s open gaming metaverse, giving fans the possibility to explore and experience The Walking Dead universe like never before

Thanks to the Metaverse approach to the Sandbox, players will experience THE WALKING DEAD mythology by crossing paths with Rick, Michonne, Ezekiel and many other characters, venturing inside Alexandria, Hilltop and the Prison, and also getting the opportunity to build their own experiences inside the universe.

This is the world of THE WALKING DEAD as you know it—and you’ll get to live, play, create in it, with no limits of time and space.

Create an account on The Sandbox now and receive an exclusive WALKING DEAD survivor pack for your avatar! Learn More!

Inside The Sandbox metaverse, the carefully integrated WALKING DEAD game experience will encourage players to unite with friends and other players as they overcome the day-to-day requirements of surviving a walker-infested habitat: scavenging for food, gathering resources, building walls, nurturing relationships, making alliances and more. Through the power of The Sandbox, voxel versions of favorite WALKING DEAD characters, such as Rick Grimes, Michonne and the iconic walkers, can be combined with a horde of assets to allow users to recreate memorable comic book storylines to play through or to forge their own original adventures.


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