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New Website 2016

Welcome to the new Antonio Teoli's Website 2016 (0.8 version).

It's with great pleasure and joy that we release this newest version with much more information and material about Teoli's work.

Here you will be updated about Teoli's new projects and Soundtracks and, at the same time, check many of his old (and why not some classics) projects.

The sections are all filled with a lot of content so make sure to check everything.

Some important informations:

A) The mobile version in some devices is having some issues and we are trying to fix them as fast as we can, so we are sorry about any inconvenience.

B) For those who use to send e-mails to Teoli via or please be aware that these emails addresses are not available anymore. His official email now is

C) If you still want to check the old website and its content... Don't worry, the site will still be available until July, 1st. Just click on the picture below.

Be aware that we are preparing an epic Home Page for you so make sure to check the website periodically or follow Teoli via his Twitter and Facebook.



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