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Rock'n'Rails announced!

​A headbanger howdy to y'all!

The great studio of Samsung, Black River Studios, has finally announced their next project, Rock'n'Rails.

This game is all about Rock'n"Roll + Rails + VR + Rock'n'Roll again and it has music and sound effects created and composed by Antonio Teoli.

For this soundtrack, Antonio played all the instruments but for the voice, he had the help of the super talented singer Julio Federici.

A resume on what the game is about can be found below:

"The world of Rock ‘n’ Roll has been silenced, so it’s time to get loud! Take up guitars and basses, and blow up the Silence Beasts with a BAAANG! Ride on rails all over the city, shredding riffs solo or jamming with your friends, and reclaim our city back in the name of Rock! Rock On Rails is a VR rail shooter experience with multiplayer in mind."

For more info and to check the super fun trailer, click on the picture below. More info about the game such as a release date are TBC.

Stay tune!

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