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Game Changers Awarded at Wave Festival

I grew up hearing from my parents that, "it doesn't matter what type of work you will do if you always do your best".

I keep this quote with me in every single work that I do and I will carry this till the end of my life and when you work with people that think alike, you know that your product will definitely succeed.

When I was invited to be part of Game Changers Documentary as an interviewee I was thrilled because of the project itself but when I was invited to be their composer, I had a blast.

Today, I received the news that Game Changers got Bronze at Wave Festival 2017 and I can't express how happy I'm to be part of that :)

Congrats to all my friends at Ginga, VICE and VIVO. This award represents all of their effort, the long hours worked on this beautiful project.

Make sure to check it out by clicking at picture below:

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