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Hello ladies and gentleman,

It's been a while since we updated the news session here and you deserve some great news because of that :)

Today, we would like to do a complete list of the latest news around Teoli's work...


Dolmen the Game

Dolmen is finally presented to the public!

Antonio has been working in this project over the last 6 months and will continue to compose and create the sound effects for the next year...

Make sure to check Dolmen the Game website by click HERE and give a shoutout to the guys from Massive Work Studio. responsible for developing the game. They are nailing in this game!

We also made available for you the to watch the Trailer and the Teaser - scored and sound designed by Teoli - in the VIDEO area and below. Also, we made available the soundtrack as well, in our MUSIC area :)




White Lie

White Lie is a very special project developed by a small team from an independent studio called Ambize. Make sure to check their WEBSITE cause these guys (and girl) are doing a fantastic job in this cutest game ever.

We also added, in our VIDEO area, the trailer for this game, also scored and sound designed by Teoli as well.

Of course, you can check it below:


Videos and Music Area Redesigned

We listened to you and now we redesigned the whole Video and Music area.

The VIDEO area is now much easier to navigate and to watch it being divided by three sections only: Featured Videos, Game Videos and Documentaries.

The MUSIC area was completely redesigned too. We removed the Soundcloud players since a lot of people was having trouble to listen in Mobile Devices and added a native player that is lighter, prettier and it works better than the Soundcloud.

Although the Soundcloud page continues to exists, we like to provide you the opportunity to listen to Teoli's Music in both places and have great experiences in whichever you decide to listen to his music.


Game Audio School

The GAME AUDIO SCHOOL is now fully operational, with the Game SFX course finished, the Game Music almost fully recorded and Game Audio Guitar in the recording process.

If you haven't the opportunity to check this amazing school, make sure to check it out cause it's truly remarkable.


Ok ladies and gentleman, that's a wrap!

Make sure to follow Teoli's quick news in his official Facebook Page

Stay tuned!!!

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